9 Misconceptions About WordPress

What is WordPress?
A growing number of businesses are beginning to see the potential in WordPress. For years, WordPress was primarily used as a blogging platform; though, businesses, both small and large, are jumping on the WordPress bandwagon. Despite this increase in usage, there are still those that ignore WordPress, due to these common misconceptions.

9 Most Common Misconceptions About WordPress

1. Just A Blogging Tool!
WordPress started as just blog software, but has developed tremendously. Today it can be used to create any kind of website imaginable; eCommerce, news magazines, general purpose websites, directory sites, agency sites, web apps, social media sites, the list goes on and on.

As for who uses it, governments use it, universities use it, serious businesses use it, your grandma probably uses it too. You get the idea, the platform has evolved tremendously. The time has come to shed the “blog” tag once and for all!

2. WordPress Is Very Unsecure
Being open source and being unsecure are two concepts that were synonymous in the past, but not anymore. Many still view open source as unsecure, but that’s mainly because people don’t really grasp how open source code works. Of course there are security issues that can arise from open source software (HeartBleed in early 2014 comes to mind), but high-priced software also comes with bugs.

WordPress being open source makes it more flexible, capable of getting more security features, while starting out with pretty good security built in. The number of attacks, DDOS or hacking, that WordPress gets is similar to any other platforms that have the same size marketing share. So, the basic idea is that not only is WordPress not unreliable, but you can harden your wordpress installation to point of it being almost impenetrable.

3. No Store Front With WordPress
False! With WordPress you can very easily create a web store (eCommerce/woocommerce) and do it easily and flexibly. Using the right plugins you can set up a solid, easy to use, monitor and manage store.

4. WordPress Is Losing Its Market Share And Will Disappear
Again, because WordPress is not owned by some corporation, but is developed as open source software by a community of passionate users, some people think that it can disappear overnight. Let me remind those people that WordPress is currently enjoying a CMS market share of 60.6% according to W3Techs.

What also needs to be taken into account is that thousands of businesses that make money online run on WordPress. There are additional, thousands of businesses that sell services to WordPress users. It’s a thriving ecosystem. Some would say WordPress is actually more stable than a corporation. This is because there isn’t a small group of decision makers at the helm – there are tens of thousands of people that work on it and for it. There are also many commercial interests that help keep it growing.

5. No Support With WordPress
Indeed there is no support for WordPress except:
– there’s marcusli.ca
– thousands of tutorials
– online forums
– extensive documentation
– support offered by third parties
– support offered by the developers of plug-ins and theme
– huge numbers of free guides that go into the most minute detail of running the platform!
So, the truth is exactly the inverse of that statement: WordPress is one of the most supported platforms online. Both in terms of free support as well as in terms of paid support!

6. Because It’s Free, You Can Only Produce Results Of Moderate Quality
Another huge misconception. For once, let’s focus on the code behind WordPress and think about how it’s generated. The compare it to the code created by a software company.

First, WordPress code can be produced by anyone in the community; however, to be generally accepted, it will be thoroughly tested, scrutinized, rewritten, improved, until it is fine-tuned and awesome. Sometimes thousands of experienced programmers are involved in this process.

A software firm, if they are very big, have maybe a 100 people working on piece of code. Due to the process that WordPress code goes through, it’s much more solid than code any single company can create.

Basically, WordPress code is generated via crowd sourcing, where every single individual can have a say and where results are the only things that matter. Because it’s free it’s much better.

7. You Can’t Create A Unique Website With WordPress
This statement can be looked at from two points of view; historically, all websites have shared a certain common look (geocities and flashing gifs, web 2.0 with glossy buttons, flat, etc). These are just trends. These were esthetic features that were shared by most websites; mainly because people are influenced by things they see and because every time period has its very own trend and esthetic.

This is seen in all manner of graphical design and art, fine art to commercials and more. So, on the one hand, WordPress designs will absolutely reflect the trends that are popular at any given time. However, in terms of actual flexibility, you can go ahead and be as edgy as you want with WordPress. The platform allows any kind of website to be created, as long as you are willing to do it. WordPress is just a system that stores data in a database, the front-end, the part that the visitor sees can be made to look like anything you want.

So, in other words, no, WordPress is not a platform that makes original websites harder to accomplish, it’s on par if not better than most other top website platforms.

8. For Newbies Only
Indeed WordPress is easy to grasp for beginner web designers, developers and so on, which is actually a good thing. However, this does not mean that the platform is not a mature one.

Think about it for a second: you can start developing in WordPress immediately and as you continue to learn web languages/tecnologies you can tweak and modify your WordPress site to your heart’s content.

Given that the platform is based on solid programming and is very stable, it’s actually a great tool for an advanced developer to showcase their skills.

There aren’t many platforms out there that the beginner’s and advanced users can use for their purposes. WordPress is for newbies and experts alike!

9. WordPress In Not Suited For Serious Business
WordPress is actually at the heart of many very successful websites and platforms that see loads of visitors and users. Check out Wired, to give you just one example of a high profile tech-oriented news site using WordPress. I mentioned the New Yorker earlier and there are many others. ,

It is common to see a new web platform based on WordPress to quickly rise in popularity because the initial investment is small and tweaks/modifications can be done fast and very cost effectively. Also, WordPress.com itself is the 23rd most popular website in the world according to Alexa. WordPress.com runs on WordPress and it allows you to use the WordPress platform without installing it on your own server.


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