40 Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress

WordPress is an awesome content management for websites of all shapes and sizes. One of the common misconceptions about WordPress is that since it is open source, it may not be good enough for big brands. To disprove this myth, we have created a list of most notable big name brands that are using WordPress on their websites.

1. TechCrunch

2. The New Yorker

3. BBC America

4. The Official Star Wars Blog

5. Variety

6. Sony Music

7. MTV News

8. Beyonce

9. ebay Inc

10. PlayStation.Blog

11. Best Buy

12. Xerox

13. Bata

14. Quartz

15. ESPN Product Blog

16. Nokia Conversations

17. Ford Social

18. Fortune

19. Time Inc.

20. Facebook Newsroom

21. The New York Times Company

22. Marks & Spencer for Business

23. Google Ventures

24. Harvard Business Review Blogs

25. Larry King Liveblog

26. The Official Rackspace Blog

27. Philips DirectLife Coach Blog

28. ExpressJet Airlines

29. Inside BlackBerry

30. Rotary Means Business – Rotary Club

31. The Rolling Stones

32. The Walking Dead – AMC

33. The Mozilla Blog

34. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

35. Dallas Mavericks

36. Wil Wheaton

37. Snoop Dogg

38. SAP News Center

39. Wolverine Worldwide

40. Reuters Blogs

I hope this list is good enough to convince anyone to use WordPress.

Source: http://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/40-most-notable-big-name-brands-that-are-using-wordpress/


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